Sunday, 25 November 2012


The Moon, Guru and Shani are the three planets that are responsible for sending a person abroad. Now let us see the reason.

1. Moon: Moon's zodiac house is Cancer, which is basically a Water Sign. The Moon's Star Thiruvonam lies within the Capricorn sign, which is also a Water Sign. Hence the Moon gets 2 relationship on the Water sign. 

2. Guru: Guru's Zodiac house is Pisces, which is another Water sign. Guru gets exalted in the Cancer Sign. Hence the Guru gets 2 relationship in the Water sign.

3. Shani: Shani's Zodiac house is Capricorn, which is a Water sign. The Shani's Stars Purrattathi and Pusam are within the Pisces (Water Sign) and Cancer (Water Sign) respectively.

Now let us see the planetary position that gives the Yoga to go abroad.

1. The three Planets Shani, Guru and Moon should either stay in the Water Sign or aspects the Water sign.

2. These three Planets should not be combusted by Sun or be debilitated.

3. These Planets should not attain Thithi Sunyam or move in retrograde manner.

4. These Planets should stay in conjuction or aspection among themselves.

5. The Moon should be ascending.

If you get more Yes answer for this above requirements, then chances of going abroad increases. 

But When will you go abroad?
Will you stay their permanently or the trip would be short?
Will the foriegn trip benefits you? or Will you face troubles abroad?
What kind of jobs that you would enjoy abroad?

We would study one by one in the future.

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