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There are certain planetary position that makes a person's job more secure. This would ensure a person to hold a respectable job and face no uncertainities often or climb up in the ladder to attain greater heights in his/her profession. Also the person do not change his/her position, department, type of jobs or the organization often.

We need to analyze the following position of the planets to find out the nature of job and the level of success in it.

Mars: Planet responsible for Profession.
Sun: Planet responsible for Government jobs. 
Lord of the 10th house: Income from the Profession.
Lord of the 7th house: Type of Profession.

1. Mars, the Lord of Profession has to be present in the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th house from the Lagna or from the Moon Sign.

2. The presence of natural malefice planets like Mars, Sun, Saturn, Raghu and Kethu in the 10th house is considered as a positive sign.

3. The Lord of 7th and 10th house should be present in benefice house; also it should not be weakened. But for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces Lagna, this rule applies in a different form. 

4. The presence of benefice planets like Guru, Mercury, Sukra and ascending Moon in the 10th house allows a steady and systematic growth in the career graph.

5. The aspection of Guru on the lord of 10th house or 10th house itself brings much needed stability.

6. If the 10th house or the 10th house lord has aspection or conjuction by the Mars also gives stability and improvement. 

7. If the 10th house or 10th house lord has conjuction or aspection by the stronger Sun means either the person becomes an Government employee or gets income from the Government sources. But the Sun has to be in a benefice house and in no way it should be weakened. 

Thus, if you get positive replies on the first six points, then the concerned person need not worry about his job. He will be assured of Secure Job corresponding to the number of positive answers. If the answer is positive on 7th point, then he would secure his earnings or employment through the Government. 

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