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Whether any one likes it or not, the Money plays important role in the destiny of our life. Everyone wants to know, whether they can really become rich or not? How much quantum of money that they would gain in the future? Let us see the proper methods to analyze the strength of Financial strength of every individual.

1. The Guru, 2nd house and its lord tell us about the cash flow and financial strength of the every individual.

2. The 4th house and its lord, Mars and Venus tell us about the fixed assets in the form of movable and immovable assets.

3. The 5th house and its lord, 9th house and its lord tell us about the quantum of benefits through ancestral properties.

4. The 6th house and its lord indicates the level of debts, borrowings and liabilities.

5. The 8th house and its lord indicates the quantum of loss in the form of destructions by natural and man made reasons.

6. The Mars, 10th house and its lord indicates the success and benefits through the career.

7. The 11th house and its lord indicates the quantum of gains that an individual is going to enjoy in his life.

8. The 12th house and its lord indicates the quantum of expenses, outflow or wastages that an individual would face in his/her life.

If access all the above mentioned points, then you can understand the level of financial strength, your strength and weakness on financial issues. I wanted to clarify certain issues before you start analyzing the horoscopes.

Example :

Suppose a person may have weak 10th house (House that defines the Career). That would indicate the trouble in his career. That is, a person having weak 10th house (Career) may not enjoy stability in the Career. If the same person has a stronger position on the 11th house (House of Profits) will indicate that the quantum of gains would be greater.

Let us see two different options by using this example:

Option 1: A person with strong 10th house would have stability in his career. For example, a peon working in a Bank or Government or any other big organizations would enjoy stability in his career throughout his lifetime. But his benefits are limited @ his financial strength grows within a limit.

Option 2: A person with troubled 10th house may always shift jobs or business. If the same person has his 11th house stronger then he will earn more money out of his Career. Imagine a person taking small time contract with various Organizations. He/She would earn good profits, but the Career does not enjoy the stability.

A person with a monthly salary of Rs. 30,000/- per month would earn Rs. 3,60,000/- a year (the person will have the Career stability, but the profits are limited)

A person supplying goods or services on contract basis would earn the same amount in a short duration period. (Here the person will not enjoy the comfort of stability in his Career).


Hence we should not draw a conclusion just because we have couple of points show negative results in our horoscope. Only through proper analyzis of all those given points, you can have overall idea about the strength and weakness of your financial issues.


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