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Everyone in this world has some work to do. From a beggar to a millonaire, everyone has their own work to do. We call that as a Profession.

First you must understand that to perform well in a Profession, the strength and weakness of the 10th house lord alone will not decide the success of the Profession. For each type of profession there should be some set of parameters to be met to come out successful in that particular profession.

For example, if one wants to become successful in Movies, the following criteria has to be met. 

1. The 3rd house and 3rd house lord should be stronger and should stay in benefice house (this would gurantee their basic ability in Arts, Culture, Drama and Literature).

2. The Venus should not own any malefic houses and should be placed in a benefice house with a superior strength.

3. The Budhan should be stronger which will boost the person's intellectual strength and IQ level.

4. The 9th house and 9th house lord should be stronger and placed in a benefic house. This would gurantee the sharpening of the desired skills or talents.

Here all these 4 points would give the fundamental qualities for a person who is desirous of taking a plunge in the cinematic world. But will he/she succeds in the Movie world? What could be the level of success? Let us analyze briefly those issues too.

1. To come out successful in the Media and Entertainment, one has to acquire popularity with the Public. For this, their 4th house and 4th house lord should be extremely stronger. In no way, both the 4th house and the 4th house Lord should not get affected by any malefic grahas or doshas. Even if a person holds all the fundamental strength to stay in his Profession (within the Movie world), he/she won't be able to see any significant growth in their profession due to under/negative publicity that surrounds them. The weak or troubled 4th house or 4th house lord would wreck havoc in their profession by bringing in the poor publicity levels.

2. A Film industry is a place where the collective work done by the different technicians or workers is highly necessary to every individual to come out successful in their Profession. To manage the employees or workers or technicians in a perfect manner, the Shani has to be stronger and should stay in benefice houses. A Film artist may be very popular or skillful, but the weak Shani would ruin his/her profession by mismanging his/her relationship with his/her technicians or co-workers.

3. Will a person be able to reach the successful height in the chosen Profession despite possesing all the necessary qualities to be successful in the Film Industry?

For different profession different criteria is to be met. For example, if a Girl wants to be a Playback Singer, then she should meet the following basic necessities.

A. Her 2nd house lord should not be weak and should stay in benefice houses.

B. No malefic planets should stay or view her 2nd house.

C. The Budhan has to be stronger and must not stay in any malefic houses

4. When to reach the Height of Success in the Career?

For example, we assume that a Girl has the following positive element in her horoscope.

A. The Girl enjoys Stability in the Career

B.  The Girl enjoys the fundamental quality to perform well in Arts, Cinema, Culture and Literature backed by good planetary positions.

C. The Girl enjoys the support of support staffs, auxiliary technicians and other Co-Workers (who are directly or indirectly helps this Girl to bring out her talents in an excellent manner).

D. The Girl also enjoys the good planetary position that could help her to acquire skills and talents to perform well as a Playback Singer.

Ok, now everthing is fine. But will she get a chance to perform well? 

That would be decided only by the Mahadasa Lords and Antaradasa lords only. Even after meeting all the qualifying criteria, she may struggle to get a chance to perform. That will be decided by the Mahadasa (Major extent) and Antaradasa (Lesser extent) Lords only. It is called the "TIME". She may have to wait for her oppurtune time.

Author's Opinion:

1. Please note that the Stability in the Career and possesing of necessary skills alone will not be sufficient to come out very successful in all the professions.

2. It is always better to analyze your horoscope properly for the strength and weakness of the fundamental qualities before taking plunge in a particular career. Otherwise you would go around in a circle in your life. 

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