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Financial Astrology: Definition of Debts through Vedic Astrology

As per the Vedic Astrology, the 6th house is considered as the highly malefic house. The 6th house represents debts, litigation, foe and the health problems. If the 6th house lord remains stronger, then it will increase the debts, litigation, health troubles and it indicates the stronger strength of your adversary. That is, our ancestors clubbed the debts and health troubles under the 6th house. In short, the Vedic Astrology consider the debts under any form as a curse or a disease, which are unwelcome into our life.

In today's world, many people are of the opinion that debts and finances are inter-linked to each other. Those who are able to manage the debts in a successful manner are called as the "Financial Expert". This kind of mindset is being created under the influence of Western ideology.

Now most of the Indians think that you can't live or do business or buy any assets without creating liabilities. The Loans under any name @ housing loan, car loan, personal loan or mortgage loan must be considered as a curse or as a disease. Nobody in this world would rejoice or give party to others, if they are diagnosed with serious or with permanent diseases.

1. Nobody will give party to their friends and  relatives, if they are diagnosed with big diseases and will not claim credit for their health troubles. Similar way, getting loans is not an auspicious event. No one can claim to be financially sound, when they opt for any type of loans or in the possession of huge liabilities.

2. In the similar manner, if a person is borrowing money from anyone and for any purpose, they must understand that their period is not good. As per the Vedic Astrology, this is considered as curse or problematic period.

3. If you borrow money from any individual or from any organizations as loans to create any assets like property or car, then you must understand that you are entering or passing through difficult period.

4. If a person doesn't know about his career prospect and income for the next few years, how can he/she takes the risk of getting loans to be repaid in the next 15 to 20 Years?

Hence anyone getting any loans under any name must understand that they are passing through an dangerous period. They could face allied problems like litigation, health troubles and and see the rise of their rivals during those period.

1. The 6th house lord getting exalted increases the debt.

2. If the 6th house lord gets debilitated and its debilitation gets cancelled due to the NEECHA BANGA RAJA YOGA, then the 6th house lord becomes more malefic and increases the debts or the allied problems.

3. The debt level increases rapidly, if the 6th house lord gets stronger strength in the Divisional charts.

4. If the Rahu and 6th house lord are placed closer proximity to each other, then the debts are likely to increase in a rapid manner.

5. If the 6th house lord is placed in the 11th house, then the debts are likely to grow stronger.

6. If there is a "Parivartana Yoga" (interchange of houses) between the 6th and the 11th house lord, then the problems associated with the debts are likely to be manifold. * This particular problem is likely to be more acute to the natives, who has Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces as their Rising Sign (Lagna). 

7. If the 6th house lord gets stronger strength in the Ashtavargha, then the debts are likely to remain high.

8. If the 6th house lord gets THITHI SUNYAM (ZERONESS OF THITHI) and placed in the malefic houses, then the debts are likely to increase in the alarming manner.

9. If the 6th house lord gets THITHI SUNYAM (ZERONESS OF THITHI) and remains debilitated, then debts are likely to increase at an alarming manner.

10. If the 6th house lord traverses in the 22nd Nakshatra from the Jenma Nakshatra, then it gets affected by VAINASIKA DOSHA can create havoc in the natives life through the debt related problems.

11. The combination of 2nd & 6th house lords could make the person richer by way of borrowing of debts @ the person looks richer to the public by handling someone's money.

12. The combination of 4th & 6th house lords would bring litigations on mortgaged assets.

13. The combination of 6th & 12th house lords can create outflow of money and time on debt related litigations.

14. The combination of 6th & 8th house lords create serious form of litigations on money matters.

15. If the 6th house lord also from the Moon Sign and Sun sign gets stronger strength in the Ashtavargha, it makes the native as the "Biggest Debtor".

16. The debt related problem reaches dangerous level, if the 6th house lord is associated with any malefic planets or placed in any malefic houses.

17. The debt related problems are likely to more problematic, if the 6th house lord traverses in the Nakshatra that belongs to the malefic planets.

18. The Debt related problems creates unimaginable level of troubles, if the 6th house lord owns any malefic houses and getting placed in the malefic houses in Dasamsa, Navamsa, Saptavimshasha and Trishamsha charts.

What you mean by association of the Planets?

1. If the Planets are placed in the same Zodiac sign. The intensity increases, if they are placed in the same Nakshatra.

2. The combination of planets becomes more stronger, if are placed under the same Nakshtara path.

3. If there is "Parivartana Yoga" (interchange of houses) between any two planets.

4. If the Planets are traversing in the Nakshatra that belong to each other.

5. If the Planets do view each other getting placed in the different zodiac sign.

Author's Opinion: Next time, when you see a person with liabilities means that he/she is not in their good times and you must pity them. The debt problem would remain dormant in their life and would create havoc, when the person reaches the difficult dasa periods (like disease remaining within the body for many years and then killing a person at an inappropriate time).

Buy anything that is within your reach and don't be greedy; this will make you happy for your entire life.




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