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What Career that I can choose? 

Everybody has the following questions in their mind:

1. What is the best Career choice for me?

2. What is the type of business (or) profession that I can choose as per my horoscope?

3. Is the present Career is suitable to me? 

The answer for all your questions lies with the 9 planets that are present in your horoscope. 

1. Importance of the Sun to the Career: Government Jobs, Quasi Government (Jobs with Government bodies like Public Sector Undertakings and Banks) and Business with Government (Government Contracts, Suppliers to Government Bodies & Agencies and Service Providers to Government); and any business connected with the utilization of Government assets. Businesses run with Government Aid. Industries producing Light and Energy. Eye Care Industry. 


1. Government Employees (includes President, Governors & Ministers)
2. Public Sector & Bank Employees.
3. Contractors executing Government Work.
4. Vendors to Government.
5. Business that utilizes the Government Assets like Mobile Telephones, FM Radio, Satellite Televisions and Government Lands.
6. Business that depends on Government approvals (or) licenses.
7. Eye care business
8. Manufacture & Trading of Light bulbs, LED and LCD bulbs
9. Manufacture & Trading of Laser Lights & Laser Machines.
10. Manufacture & Trading of X-Ray Machines.
11. Manufacture & Trading of Infra Red Devices.
12. Manufacture & Trading of Batteries & Torches.
13. Manufacture & Trading of Solar Batteries & Devices.
14. Any Industries or businesses that needs Solar energy for the processing of their goods.
15. Industries producing Electricity.

2 .Importance of the Moon to the Career: Water & Water based products, all type of liquids, Counselling Jobs and Consultancies.


1. Mineral Water, Distilled water, Drinking water sales, transport & supplies.
2. Waste Water Treatment & Sewage water collections.
3. Milk, Honey & Dairy Products.
4. Ice Creams, Fruit Juices & Soft Drinks.
5. Manufacturing of liquid medicines.
6. Blood & Blood related products and services.
7. Edible & Non-Edible Oils; and Petroleum Oils; and Essential Oils.
8. Liquid Chemicals.
9. Perfumes, Liquid Shampoos, Hair Oils and Other Liquid Toiletry Products.
10. Liquid Fuels.
11. Fisherman & Traders with trading of Products derived from the Sea (Pearls, Fish, Prawn, Crab and Salt).
12. Teachers, Counsellors & Psychiatrist.
13. Deep water divers, Boatsman and Swimmers.

3 .Importance of the Mars to the Career: Business related to the Land & Fire; Profession related (or) dependent on Physical Health.


1. Foundries; and Industries using Boilers and Kettles.
2. Hotels & Restaurants.
3. Fire Safety equipments & Fire Fighters.
4. Safety Matches & Fire work Industries.
5. Firearms, Ammunition and Explosives manufacturing industries.
6. Petroleum & Gas Industries.
7. Cigarettes & Cigars manufacturing Industries
8. Gas Stove and accessories manufacturers.
9. Real Estate Traders & Brokers
10. Property Developers & Civil Contractors.
11. Pottery, Earthenware, Bricks, Tiles and Cement Manufactures.
12. Mining Industries & allied businesses.
13. Farming Industries.
14. Health Care & Medical Care Business.
15. Athletes, Sports person, Physical Training Teachers & Coaches.
16. Physical Training Institute & Gym.
17. Police, Armed Forces and Security Forces.
18.People working in the HR Department. & Administrative Department.
19. Politicians and Jobs associated with the Politics & Political Parties.

4 .Importance of the Mercury (Budha) to the Career: Business related to the Skill, Knowledge and Efficiency, Speculative Business and business based on analytical skills. Business related to Education & Skill development. Service industries (Products that are not visible) and specialization on any professionals.

1. Education Institutions & Skill Development centers.
2. Paper & Stationery product Industries.
3. Business (or) Jobs that needs mathematical skills like Teachers, Bankers, Accountants, Economists, Traders, Engineers and Astrologers.
4. Share Trading & Forward Trading Business
5. Business that involves speculations like Doctors (need to diagnose), Astrologers (need to predict), Economists (need to analyze), Weathermen (need to forecast) and Agriculturist (need to understand).
6. Business that are done on products that are not visible like Service Industries, Insurance Products, FM Radio, Mobile Telephony, Internet Connections and Satellite connection providers.
7. Business that are done at an Professional level @ Doctor specializing in Eye Treatment, Jeweller specializing in Diamonds, Engineer specializing in building Dams, Lawyer specializing in Criminal cases and Scientist specializing in Nuclear Industries.
8. Lab Technicians, Research Fellow, Scientists and Inventors.
9. Person with any type of technical skills like Fitters, Mechanics, Electricians, Plumber and Painters.
10. Traditional Artists, Sculptors, Pottery Makers & Designers, Costume Designers & Makers and any business that needs designing.
11. Writers, Song Composers, any type of Art & Literary Works, Singers and Dancers.
12. Advertisement Industries.
13. Media & Journalism
14. Industries that needs constant improvements, changes and new product designs like Auto Industry, Textile Industry and Mobile Industries.

5 .Importance of the Guru to the Career: Business that are done at primary or higher levels, Business done without Profits, Business that are connected to Spiritual, Social and Religious bodies. Agriculture, Horticulture and Products that are manufactured naturally. Trading & Manufacture of any natural (or) agricultural foods.

1. Temple Priests, Spiritual Gurus, Religious Preachers, Yoga Gurus & Guides and any work associated with the Religion.
2. Temple workers and People who depend on the Temples (or) Religion (or) Customs for their earnings like Flower Vendors.
3. Manufacturing & Trading on products that are associated and needed for the spiritual activities like manufacture of Ghee, Oil, Camphor and Incense sticks.
4. Business that are done at the Primary level @ the business that are not done on used (or) recycled goods.
5. Voluntary Agencies, NGO's and other Non-profitable Organizations.
6. Teaching profession.
7. Farmers & Farming & Allied Industries.
8. Manufacturers & Traders in Agricultural Products.
9. Manufactures & Traders in Forest Produce like Honey, Silk, and Sandalwood.
10. Manufactures & Traders in Wood & Wooden Products.

6 .Importance of the Venus to the Career: Business done on Luxury Goods (which are not essential), Business (or) Career related to Art, Drama, Literature and Culture. Business that are related to sexual interests. Decorative & Beautification Process. Business that meets the expectation and the needs of the women.

1. Manufacture & Trading of Electrical & Electronics Appliances, Electronic Gadgets,
2. Manufacture & Trading of all kinds of Goods that are luxurious in nature @ Goods that are not essential for the day to day life.
3. Manufacture & Trading of Cars, Bikes, Scooters, Yachts and Aeroplanes.
4. Business related to Hospitality & Tourism Industries.
5. Manufacture & Trading of all kinds of Fashionable Goods.
6. Interior decoration business.
7. Business that are directly or indirectly related to sexual issues @ Doctors dealing in Sexual diseases; manufacture & sale of condoms and other medicines that would produce impact on the sexual relationship.
8. Writing, Printing & Sale of Sexual Books & Magazines.
9. Hosting a website that contains sexual contents.
10. Sex workers & their associates.
12. Beauty Salons.
13. Business and Jobs associated with the Drama, Cinema and Theatre.
14. Modelling Industry.
15. Business that trades in exclusive women's needs.
16. Designers of any products in any industries.
17. Owning & managing Cinema Theatres, Theme Parks, Zoo, Entertainment Centers, Exhibitions, Dance Bars and multi purpose Clubs.

7 .Importance of the Shani to the Career: Man power Industries and Labor intensive businesses. Business dealing with good that has less or poor or nil commercial value. Trading in Junk Products. Trading & Manufacture of goods derived from the waste goods (or) junk goods. Manufacturing & Trading in Iron & Steel Products. Manufacturing & Trading in Edible, Non-Edible, Petroleum and Used Oils. Trading of the Animals. Manufacturing & Trading in animal products. Business that are directly involved in Killing & butchering of the animals/birds/fishes.

1. Labor Minister; People working in Labour Ministry & Labor Department.
2. People working in HR Department in any organization.
3. Labor Unions & Political Parties.
4. Any business that involves large labor forces.
5. Rag Pickers, Scrap & Waste Dealers on any goods.
6. Recyclers of any products @ Obtaining good commercial value from materials that are declared as Junks.
7. Sewage Water Disposal and Treatments
8. Any Products that contains Iron & Steel in any form.
9. Manufacture & Trading of Edible, Non-Edible and Petroleum Oils.
10. Traders, Handlers and Recyclers of Used Oils.
11. Traders, Handlers and Butchers of all kind of Animals, Birds and Fishes.
12. Commercial Killers (or) Paid Assassins of all living creatures @ Pest Control, Snake catchers and Dog Culling.
13. Poultry Industry.
14. Cow & Goat Shepherds & Fisherman.
15. Commercial Killers (or) Paid Assassins of the Humans.
16. Trading in Meat, Eggs and other related products.
17. Mutton Tallow, Fur & Animal Skin industries.
18. Business that are related to physically disabled persons like wheel chair manufacturers, manufacture of hearing aids and manufacture of artificial limbs.

8 .Importance of the Rahu to the Career: Businesses that are done on Products that makes the Person to lose the conscience, Businesses done on products that are inferior or poor in quality. Businesses done on products that are non existent. Businesses done on products that would make the people to get addicted to it. Businesses (or) Jobs that brings excellent commercial gains by selling nothing. Money earned through unethical and immoral activities.

1. Professional Thief (Gaining commercially without selling anything).
2. Conmen (Gaining commercially by selling a non-existent product).
3. Gambling Industries (Gaining commercially by making the people to get addicted to it)
4. Manufacture & Selling of Arrack, Alcohols and Drugs (Gaining commercially by making the people to get addicted to it and lose conscience).
5. Manufacture & Selling of Cigarettes, Cigars, Bidis and Hookah (Gaining commercially by making the people to get addicted to it).
6. Manufacture, Selling and Administration of Anesthesia Medicines.
7. Thuggery & Gangsterism
8. Manufacture & Sale of Duplicate & Forged items. (Gaining commercially by selling a product that are poor in quality).
9. Aiding and abetting the illegal sexual activities for economical gains.
10. Kidnapping & Ransom industry.
11. Porn book writers, printers, distributors and sellers.
12. People associated with the making of Porn Films; and distribution of Porn Films.
13. Hosting of Porn websites.
14. Lodge owners, Taxi/Auto Drivers and Pimps who makes money by abetting and actively involving in sex industry.
15. Policemen who enjoys illegal gratification by allowing the unlawful activities by the Arrack Dealers, Gamblers, Pimps, Sex workers, Thieves and Conmen.
16. Manufacture and Trading of Medicines that reduces or controls the addictions.

9 .Importance of the Kethu to the Career: Businesses that involves mentally retarded persons. Businesses that involves dead corpses of both the animal & the man. Businesses that are related to Poison. Businesses that are highly dangerous and inimical to the Life of all living creatures. Businesses that are done on hazardous materials. Businesses on Products with Long Shelf Life.

1. Manufacture & Sale of Frozen & Canned foods.
2. Manufacture & Sale of Pesticides.
3. Maintaining & Rearing of dangerous animals for economic gains.
4. Manufacture & Sale of Products that contain Poisons to control the bugs, pests and rodents like mosquito liquids, poison to eliminate the rodents, cockroaches and bugs.
5. People who are associated with the burial (or) disposal of dead corpses of both the animal and the humans.
6. Doctors who makes post-mortem on dead corpses.
7. Manufacture and Trading in Salted & Dried Fish.
8. Manufacture and Trading of Pickles.
9. Products that can cause environmental disaster or degradation.
10. Business that can cause collateral damages to the Mankind.
11. Manufacture and Trading of Medicines that controls the consumption of Poison; and poisonous bites from the animals.
12. Manufacture and Trading of Medicines that reduces the mental stress and mental illness.
13. Psychiatrists, Counsellors and Medical Peoples who helps the mentally ill person (or) mentally retarded persons.
14. Mummification of dead animals & humans.
15. People associated with the Museum.

Note to Readers: We had already analysed the Importance of all 12 Zodiac signs both in your career and also in your financial position. In this post, we have analysed the Importance of all 9 planets with respect to our Career choices. In the next post, we are going to learn the method of locating and selecting a Profession that brings success and benefits to you.

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