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Sunday, 13 January 2013


The Lagna (Ascending sign) denotes the exact birth of every person. The Lagna starts from the Zodiac house (Rasi), where the Sun is placed during that particular month (Hindu Calendar Month). The Lagna starts at the time of Sunrise and goes around the 12 Zodiac signs (Rasi) and returns back to the same Zodiac sign (Rasi) on the next day.

The time taken for travelling through each Rasi differs slightly, but approximately the Lagna stays around 2 hours.  The passover time of Lagna from one Rasi (Zodiac house) to another Rasi is called as "Lagna Sandhi". The period between the last 12 minutes of the preceding Lagna and the first 12 minutes of the following Lagna are called as "Lagna Sandhi".  If the baby is born within 4 minutes time limit, then we can assume that the effects of dosha would be very acute.

If a baby is born during this passover time, then it is assumed that the baby has a dosha called "Lagna Sandhi". Let us see the effects of "Lagna Sandhi".

1. The Horoscope of the person would remain non-functional and give mixed and confusing results.

2. The Mother of the baby who was born during this Lagna Sandhi could face troubles.

3. The baby would itself face troubles, if it has born during malefic Mahadasa periods.

4. If any malefic planets are placed in the Lagna, then the problem for the baby would be acute.

5. Any events or functions started during this period is likely to fail miserably. 

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