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Tuesday, 3 September 2013



In general, people talk about Yogas and Doshas present in their horoscope. I had seen number of peoples thinking and believeing that their lifestyle would be great just because of the existence of a particular yoga.

The people used to boast themselves on various yogas. Those people think that just the presence of a single or some multiple yogas would nullify all the defects in their horoscope.

Now let us see an example: We all know that the presence of Guru in the quadrant house (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) from the Moon indicates the Gaja Kesari Yoga. But we need to undestand that not always these planetary combinations brings good to the natives.


The Moon is placed in the 3rd house (its own house Kataka Rasi) and Guru is placed in the 9th house (getting debilitated in the Makara Rasi) for the Rishaba Lagna. Here the Guru is placed in the 7th house from the Moon that brings the "Gaja Keasri Yoga".

Instead of doing anything good to the natives during the Guru or Moon Mahadasa, this position would actually bring huge troubles since the presence of Maraka Sthana Athipathi (Lord of Death) Moon in the Maraka Sthana is not all good, though the Moon is in its own house @ Kataka Rasi.

Also the presence of another Maraka Sthana Athipathi (Lord of Death) Guru in the debilitated position in the 9th house, which is called as "Pathaga Sthana" (House of Collateral Damages) brings very bad results. Here the existence of "Gaja Kesari Yoga" would bring greater disaster into the natives life, when he/she passes through Guru Mahadasa/Moon Antaradasa periods or Moon Mahadasa/Guru Antardasa periods.

The Yogas works only under the following conditions.

1. The planets that are responsible for bringing the Yoga must own good houses and must be placed in the benefice houses.

2. The Planets that are reponsible for bringing the Yoga must be stronger and should not be affected by any other astrological factors.

3. The Planets that brings these yoga should not own any animosity with each other.

4. If all the criteria is met, then the Yoga would come to the effect and delivers wonderful results only during the Mahadasa periods of concerned Mahadasa or Antaradasa lords.

The Doshas delivers bad results only under the following conditions.

1. If the grahas that brings the Dosham is stronger in the horoscope, then the Dosha delivers bad results in the natives lifestyle.

2. If the grahas owns any malefice houses then any dosham associated with that particular grahas would deliver bad results on the natives.

3. Also the Dosham becomes very active only during the Mahadasa or Antardasa period of the particular grahas that brings the Doshams to the natives.


1. Thus the Yogas cannot alter the lifestyle of a person in a phenomenal way and also any Doshams that exists in the horoscope can not bring major damages into the natives life.

2. Thus the Yogas must be aided by the good timings (Dasa period) and good planetary strength and house ownership to enjoy the full benefits of the particular Yoga.

3. Also the existence of a bad yoga (Dosham) can not do major damages unless it should be aided by the bad Mahadasa timings and the particular planet must also own bad houses.                                                                                              
4. Thus the readers must be aware that they need not put undue worries on any particular dosham. They must take care of themselves (about the effects of any doshas) only during the particular Mahadasa or the Antardasa of the particular grahas.

5. Also the readers should not live in fool's paradise by thinking that the existence of few yogas in their horoscopes would always pull them towards the success throughout their lifetime (irrespective of the planetary position in their horoscope).                     

Sunday, 18 November 2012



The Placement of Jupiter in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house from the Moon Sign in the Rasi chart (Kundali) indicates the presence of Gaja Kesari Yoga. This Gaja Kesari Yoga is an auspicious yoga. Let us find the benefits of having this Gaja Kesari Yoga.

1. This Gaja Kesari Yoga nullifies all other dosha present in the chart (Kundali).

2. The person will be blessed with life longevity.

3. The person who has Gaja Kesari Yoga will have an excellent tactical skills, mesmerizing words, huge confidence and leadership qualities.

In simple words, the Gaja Kesari Yoga indicates the good physical and mental strength. This would help the natives to meet the challenges in their life in an effective manner. 

Note: The "Gaja Kesari Yoga" does not always brings good results. To get good results out of the Gaja Kesari Yoga, the following conditions should be met.

1. The Moon and the Jupiter should own good houses.

2. The Moon and the Guru should not stay in malefic houses.

3. The Moon and the Guru should not get debilitated or stay in retrograde motion or placed in any malefic houses.