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Thursday, 29 August 2013



The meaning of "Karagopa Nasthi" is that Kara means "Qualities" and Nasthi means "Damages". Hence the "Karagopa Nasthi" can be described as "Damages to the Qualities". In Astrolgy every qualities that a human has in his/her life is being represented by two, three or more grahas and houses put together. The "Karagopa Nasthi" becomes effective, if a planet that represnts a particular quality is placed on a house that represents the similar quality.

For example, if wealth or financial strength of a man/woman is to be accessed, we need to calculate the strength of the following two factors.

1. The strength of Guru (Jupiter). Hence the Guru is called as the Lord of the Finances.

2. The strength of the 2nd house lord. Thus the 2nd house lord is called as the "House Lord of the Finances". The 2nd house is called as the "House of Finances".

We calculate the financial strength of a particular person by accessing the strength of the above two planets. But if the Lord of Finances (Guru) is placed in the House of Finances (2nd house from the Lagna), the qualities of the 2nd house @ financial strength gets damaged. This result occurs due to the astrological factors called as "Karagopa Nasthi".

That is, if the Guru is placed in the 2nd house, it brings the "Karagopa Nasthi" effects on the 2nd house and affects the natives finacial position. 

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