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Thursday, 2 January 2014


The words "Lagna" and "Rasi" are commonly used as Astrological terms. It is always important for each and everyone to understand the importance and also the difference between the "Rasi" and the "Lagna". This would greatly helps us to analyze and understand the essence of the Horoscope.

The Lagna is considered as the Soul and the Rasi is considered as the Body. That is, the body can not function alone without the soul. Hence the Soul is the important medium for the body to function. Thus, the Lagna assumes more importance than the Rasi. Also there will be no place for the soul, if the body gets damaged. Thus both the Lagna and Rasi are important to find out the quality of life for everyone. Let us find out what is "Rasi" and "Lagna"?

Lagna: The Lagna is nothing but your exact time of birth. That is, the Zodiac sign where your time of birth is placed. In Western Astrology, it is being called as the "Rising Sign". In the Horoscope, it will be either mentioned as "Lagna" or simply "L". Based on your Lagna, you charcater, personality, the quality of lifestyle (like education, career, married life, family relationship and health) are defined. That is, your fate will be decided at the time of your birth. Hence nothing can be changed or altered. The Mahadasa or Antardasa are all calculated on the basis of this "Lagna" only. Hence, it is highly important on two basic counts.

1. It defines the quality of life.
2. It decides the way that how you live through your entire lifetime.

Rasi: The "Rasi" is nothing but the Zodiac sign, where the Moon is present during the time of your birth. The Rasi is called as the "Moon Sign". With the Rasi, we face fluctuations on all issues of our life depending upon the everyday movement of Planetary positions. In Astrological term, it is being called as the "Kocharam". The movement of every planet from one zodiac sign to another sign is called as the "Transits" (Peyarchi in tamil). Every planet moves at varying speed. Below is the table, that indicate the speed of all 9 planets.

When every planets moves from one zodiac sign to the next sign, we experience fluctuating results in our life on daily basis. But these qualities are temporary in nature. These transits of all 9 planets can bring either troubles or relief that are temporary in nature. That is, the predictions based on your Rasi is only temporary lasting for few days to few months.

But the predictions based on your Lagna is more important. Because the results from your Mahadasa or Antardasa can either make or break your lifestyle. But the results based on your Rasi can either accelerate or play spoilsport with your life hiding behind the Mahadasa (which is calculated from your Lagna).

The Readers must understand that you can not afford to omit the results based on the Rasi. A person can able be predict his quality of life accurately only if he is able to summarize the results on both the Rasi and Lagna.

Note: The Western Astrology is based on the placement of Sun. It is being called as the "Sun Sign". But the Sun Sign is less relevant in the Hindu Vedic Astrology. 

Thursday, 19 December 2013



Believers of God says Fate is more relevant. Our Fate had been wriiten already by the God at the time of birth. Hence as per the view of the Believers of the God, everyone's life is largely depend on the "Fate" that has been written on his head.

But Atheists say "Intelligence" are most important. As per the Atheist's viewpoint, a person can be successful if he uses his intelligenecen properly and to his/her maximum advantage.

But as per the views of the Astrology, both the "Fate" and "Intelligence" are necessary and both are highly important and relevant.

If a person goes through troublesome period, then he can uses his Intelligence to a certain extent to minimize or eliminate the negative effects that he/she faces in their life. That is, the "Fate" is not a imaginary issue. A person would undego tremendous pressure, if he/she goes through highly malefic Mahadasa periods. But the same person can use his intelligence to lower or reduce the bad effects of the Mahadasa.

To prove this point, let us analyze a person's horoscope (who is not alive):

His Date of Birth was 21.03.1976 and the to Time of Birth was 07.15 AM. His Jenma Nakshatra is Anusha 4 and Rasi is Makara Rasi. He was working in a reputed MNC firm as a top-level management officer.

We will check his Life Longevity:

1. The Lagna lord Guru is moderately stronger in the 2nd house.
2. The Shani (Lord of the Life Longevity is stronger by getting placed in the same house Kataka Rasi and obtains varkothama status.
3. The 3rd & 8th house lord Venus (House Lord of Life Longevity) also attains the Varkothama Status.

As per other parameters, the Life Longevity was good.

But he had chosen to commit suicide (due to failed love affair) on 16.10.2006 at 04.30 AM. His chosen time to end his life came at

1. Venus Mahadasa (15.01.2002 to 15.01.2022) - 8th house lord (malefic)
2. Moon Antardasa (16.05.2006 to 15.01.2008) - 5th house lord but getting debilitated (malefic)
3. Rahu Pratyantara Dasa (11.08.2006 to 10.11.2006) - Placed in the 8th house reflects the qualities of malefic 8th house lord Sukra
4. Shani Sooksma Dasa (05.09.2006 to 20.10.2006) - 12th house lord (Malefic)
5. Rahu Prana Dasa (16.09.2006 to 18.09.2006) - Placed in the 8th house reflects the qualities of malefic 8th house lord Sukra

That is, he had taken a very wrong decision at an most inappropriate time in his life Venus (3rd & 8th house Lord)/Moon (6th house lord)/Rahu (placed in the 8th house & reflects the qualities of Venus)/Shani (Lord of Life Longevity)/Rahu.

Though his horoscope does indicate positive life longevity aspects in his life, his frustration (debilitated Moon) aided his mind to take an very dangerous step in his life.

Readers must note that Varkothama Effects on Venus, Shani & Moon does not provide any succour in this particular case. Thus the delirious decisions that has been taken by our Mind is more capable of bringing in the disaster than by the actual planetary positions.

How could this tragic incident to be avoided?

1. Loacte the malefic Mahadasa and the planet and their possible repurcussions in our life at an early stage.

2. Systemstic Pariharam for those planets at those defined periods will reduce the ferocity of the malefic nature of the planets.

3. Then our decision making is more important. If we find ourself in a most dangerous period, then the positive first step that we must take is to keep quiet and do nothing to aggarvate the situation.

4. Wait for the dangerous period to cross over in our life. It will not last more than a week (Prana Dasa) and few months (Pratyandara dasa).

5. The situation gets normalized once we cross the dangerous and malefic periods.

Conclusions: Thus our decision making process assumes more important in bringing benefits into our life. Though the "Fate" has more power and it does its work with accurate perfection, we can also use our "intelligence" to certain extent to nullify or reduce those malefic results of the "Fate".

Please also visit Pitra Dosha to know more about the "Effects of commiting Suicide" 

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Let us see the complete details about the effects of Antardasa and Antardasa Lords would deliver in our life. First Let us study how to divide Mahadasa period into Antardasa period.

How to calculate Antardasa period within a Mahadasa period?

The Mahadasa period of a particular planet would be divided by all 9 planets in an unequal manner. We know that the Sun Mahadasa has a period of 6 Years. This 9 years would be divided by all the 9 planets in an unequal manner among themselves. Let us find out how to divide these Mahadasa period into Antardasa periods.


D = M * 3 

Total Days of Antardasa Period = D * A 

where M = Number of Mahadasa Years, D = Antardasa Days Period per Year and A = Number of Mahadasa Years of the planet for which Antardasa period has to be calculated.

Example 1:

Let us calculate Sun Antardasa Period of Sun Mahadasa using this formula.

We all know Sun Mahadasa = 6 Years.

Let us take M = 6, hence M * 3 = 6 * 3 = 18 Days/Per Year = D

Now we need to calculate the Sun Antardasa period, hence we take A = 6 

Now D = M * 3 = 6 * 3 = 18 Days @ D = 18 Days

Now Total Days of Sun Antardasa Period = D * A = 18 * 6 = 108 Days

Let us convert 108 Days into months.

108 Days/30 Days = 3 months and 18 Days.

That is, Sun Antardasa period within the Sun Mahadasa period would last for 3 months and 18 days.

Example 2: 

We are going to calculate Moon Antardasa period within the Sun Mahadasa period.

Hence we take M = 6 Years (Sun Mahadasa period)

So, D = M * 3 = 6 * 3 = 18 Days/per Year = D

We want to calculate the Moon Antardasa period within the Sun Mahadasa period

Hence we take A = 10

Now Total Days of Moon Antardasa Periods = D * A = 18 * 10 = 180 Days.

Let us convert 180 Days into months.

180 Days/ 30 days = 6 months.

Results: The Moon Antardasa period within the Sun Mahadasa is 6 months.

Example 3:

Let us calculate Kethu Antardasa period within the Shani Mahadasa periods.

We know that Kethu Mahadasa period = 7 Years
                      Shani Mahadasa period = 19 Years

Let us take the formula:

D = M * 3

Here M = 19 and A = 7

D = M * 3 = 19 * 3 = 57 days = D

Now Total Days of Kethu Antardasa Periods = D * A = 57 * 7 = 399 Days.

Now let us convert 399 days into months.

399 Days/30 days = 13 months 9 days = 1 Year 1 month 9 days.

That is, Kethu Antardasa period would be 1 year 1 month 9 days period within the 19 Years of Shani Antardasa period.

Using this formula, we can divide all the Mahadasa periods into Antardasa period of all 9 planets

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Let us see how the Mahadasa works in our life. Before going into the details, look at the simple example.

In a country, elections are held and a party wins the elections. The successful party assumes the power and rule the country.

1. There could be change of law or entactment of new laws.

2. An older law can be regulated or simply deleted.

3. There could be Policy changes that could affect economy, culture and welfare.

Similarly, a planet would rule the life of a person during its Mahadasa period. That is, the lifestyle of the person gets changed either to better or worse depending upon the benefice or malefic nature of the planet concerned. Thus the change of Mahadasa is an important event in everybody's life.

If we assume that if a person is able to live for 90 or plus years of age, then he/she would go through a minimum of 7 to 8 Mahadasa in his/her life. Only in rare cases, the persons would be able to see the 9th Mahadasa in his/her life.

Who is lucky or Unlucky?

As we have mentioned earlier, every person would have a minimum of 4 to 5 benefice or malefic Mahadasa periods. If the benefice Mahadasa period comes at the age, when she/he is less than 15 years of life or if she/he is more than 80 years of age, then the benefice Mahadasa may not be of much use to him/her. But if the benefice Mahadasa comes to a person at the age between 15 to 70 Years of life, then he/she called be lucky.

Will the entire Mahadasa would be bring good or bad results?

The Mahadasa period is sub divided into 9 parts and owned by all the 9 planets. This division of Mahadasa period is called as "Antardasa Periods" (called in Tamil as "Bukthi"). Hence the Mahadasa would deliver 9 different results depending upon the benefice and malefic nature of Antardasa Lords. Thus a person need not worry about his entire Mahadasa period, if the Mahadasa Lord is malefic. Also a person can really expect troubles whenever he/she takes some mindless or orbitary decisions even though he passes through benefice Mahadasa periods.

Who is powerful? Mahadasa Lords or Antardasa Lords?

The Mahadasa Lords are extremely powerful. They can really make complete overhaul of the lifestyle during its time. A benefice Antardasa Lord can bring few relief (temporary in nature) during the malefic Mahadasa period. Similarly, a malefic Antardasa Lord can create troubles (temporary in nature) during the benefice Mahadasa periods. But the Antardasa Lords do not have the power to completely over rule the effects of the Mahadasa Lords.

Time Analysis:

First read the charts given below:

1. The Antardasa is sub divided into Pratyantara Dasa into 9 parts and each governed by all the 9 planets.

2. The Pratyantara Dasa is sub divided into Sookshma Dasa into 9 parts and each governed by all the 9 planets.

3. The Sookshma Dasa is sub divided into Prana Dasa into 9 parts and each governed by all the 9 planets.

All the Dasa's are governed by the same rules that are applicable to the Mahadasa Lord.

Which is the best time and which is the worst time?

1. A person enjoys his best of life, while he/she passes through Mahadasa to Pranadasa that are owned by the benficial planets.

2. A person would experience worst in his/her life, if he/she passes through Mahadasa to Pranadasa that are owned by the malefic planets.

3. A person would experience mixed or multiple or variable results in his/her life, if he/she passes through Mahadasa to Pranadasa that are owned by both the malefic and benefice planets. But he/she would experience modest success in his/her life, if the Mahadasa Lord is beneficial. But he/she would experience stagnation or troubles in his/her life, if the Mahadasa Lord is malefic in nature.

We will do the Time Analysis and find out whether we have control over our life or not? in our next post. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013


The word "Mahadasa" assumes very important place in the Hindu Vedic Astrology. Let us study the importance of Mahadasa in your life.

Basically a human has 120 years to live in this earth as per our Vedic Astrology. That is, if a person enjoys absolute longevity in his/her horoscope, he/she lives a full term of 120 Years.

These 120 Years would be divided by the 9 planets in an unequal manner. In simple terms, these planets would take control of our life for the particular period. Let us see the effective control of these planets on this 120 Years.

If a child is born in Revathi Nakshatra, then the Child starts with Budhan Mahadasa at the time of Birth. This is because, the Revathi Nakshatra belongs to Budhan. But the Child does not pass through all these 17 years of Budhan Mahadasa during its younger age. Let us see the reason for it.

The Revathi Nakshatra is divided into 4 parts, which are called as "Paths". If the Moon is placed in the Revathi Nakshatra Path 1 (at the time of birth), then the child would pass through a minimum of 12 years 9 months of Budhan Mahadasa to a maximum of 17 years. Suppose if a child is born during the movement of the Moon in the Revathi Nakshatra path 3, then the child would pass through a minimum of 4 years and 9 months to the maximum of 8 years and 6 months of Budhan Mahadasa (at the young age).

Afterwards, the child passes through Kethu Mahadasa (7 years), Sukra Mahadasa (20 years), Sun Mahadasa (6 Years) and so on. Thus if the Child is able to live at the age of 103 or above, then the child would again pass through the same Budhan Mahadasa. Thus our life goes around a full circle.

How does the Mahadasa works for us?

1. First find out the current Mahadasa lord and its ownership.

2. Locate the planet's position.

3. Find out the strength and weakness of the Mahadasa lord.

4. Find out the possible effects on your life by using this table.

Note: Please note that the following issues while reading the Horoscope.

1. Nobody in this world will have all planets that are good and placed in the perfect place.

2. Everbody will have 3to 5 planets either beneficial or malefic in nature.

3. Hence nobody is fully lucky or fully unlucky.

4. Everybody's luck is decided by the type of the planets that are going to rule over them during their prime part of the life @ 15 years to 65 years of age.

5. If a person's beneficial planet is going to rule his life before the age of 15 Years or after 85 Years will not translate into major gains in their life.

6. Then nobody can not expect to enjoy good times for more than 35 Years.

7. The change of Mahadasa period is highly important event to take place in your life. Tracking the Mahadasa is the duty of everyone to avoid getting into future troubles.

8. Reading the Guru and Shani's transit are highly insignificant with regards to the effects of change of Mahadasa periods. 

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